First of all, a big thank you from the Club to you for stepping up and to coach this year. Whether you’re a first year coach or coming back for another year your support is very much appreciated.

As the Club's Coaching Director I thought it would be a good time to introduce a new Coach Development Programme in 2020.

The Programme will provide you with added knowledge, skills and help you grow as a Junior Coach, while giving you the opportunity to meet other coaches from within the Club and discuss any problems you may be having with your team.

I have split the Programme into three parts, Coach Development Workshops, Help at Trainings and Website Drills and Skills.

This will involve me coming down to your team’s trainings to introduce myself and see how you’re going. At the same time I am open to help with trainings whether it is a drill or coaching a particular skill. If you are looking for specific help please contact me prior to the training so I can come prepared.

Grant Henson
Rugby Director